A Jacksonville, Fla. man was seriously injured Friday when he was thrown from an all-terrain vehicle after the machine struck a stump on a steep embankment in a wooded area in northern Ware County, said Ware County Sheriff’s Lt. Neil Skerratt.
Shawn Hammitt, age unavailable, was strapped onto a back board by rescuers and driven by ATV through woods about a mile and a half to where a helicopter was waiting. Skerratt said the man was then flown to Memorial Medical Center in Savannah for treatment of back and foot injuries.
The accident occurred mid-afternoon Friday as some people were riding a 2016 Honda down a steep hill. Skerratt said the left tire hit a stump and it rolled to its right side. The passenger hit the push bar on the ATV and was thrown off the right side.
“A witness said he could hear the passenger screaming and sent a rider to the front of the property to get help,” said Skerratt. “The witness sat with the man to keep him calm until help arrived.”
Skerratt said sheriff’s officials and Ware County Fire and Rescue, as well as Ware County EMTs, had to use ATVs to get to where the man was and then brought him back to the front of the property on a four-wheeler.
No update was available on the man’s condition.