Ware County Fire Department personnel responded to a mid-day dispatch Thursday to a small woods fire on the Brunswick Highway just past Greenlawn Cemetery and quickly extinguished the blaze before it could move very far, said a spokesman, who added that at daybreak personnel were dealing with another woods fire on TeePee Trail.
Firefighters responded Thursday at 1:15 p.m. to the area where a patch of pine saplings had caught fire, said Firefighter Matthew Grantham.
“It was just a little patch of woods burning,” said Grantham, “some pine saplings.”
Georgia Forestry responded and plowed a firebreak around the area to help keep the fire contained, Grantham said.
Grantham said about one acre of land was scorched. He did not have information on what caused the fire in the first place.
Lt. Derek Brewster was in charge of the responding fire units.
Grantham said that about 6 o’clock this morning firefighters were called out to a woods fire on TeePee Trail and, at 7 o’clock, firefighters were still on the scene. Georgia Forestry was also responding to the fire, which he said, appeared to be another very small blaze.
Assisting Brewster on TeePee Trail were Evan Dixon and Leon Davis.
Firefighters urge everyone to be cautious with fire, especially when burning debris outside. With low humidity and dry conditions, fire can quickly get out of hand, he said.