A Waycross woman drove her car into a railroad crossing safety signal arm that was descending to herald the approach of a freight train Thursday, said Waycross Police Capt. Tommy Cox. Her car did not collide with the train, he said.
Isabella Beverly, 79, was slightly injured but was not transported to the ER for treatment after the 7:53 a.m. accident at the grade crossing at the intersection of Albany Avenue and Garlington Avenue, Cox said.
Beverly was driving her 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis east on Albany Avenue approaching Garlington Avenue when the railroad crossing signal lights activated and the safety barrier lowered, Cox said. She failed to bring her car to a stop and it hit the safety barrier.
She was able to drive the vehicle out of the path of the oncoming train, Cox said, and thereby avoided what probably would have been more serious injury.
Officer John Spears investigated the accident. Beverly was cited for failure to yield at a railroad crossing, Cox said.