“We want people who come to Blackshear for this kind of activity to know that we do not and will not accept this kind of behavior,” said Wright. “We do believe it was a success. The object of our investigation is to catch people who would do this and deter others who may be thinking about doing it. I would definitely say this operation was a success.”
In January, eight men and two women were caught in the net of a similar sting.
Arrested in the April 8 undercover operation, Wright said, were:
Bukola O. Bodunde, 36, of Fort Stewart, charged with pandering; Jeremiah Gilbreath, 36, of Baxley, charged with pandering; Arthur T. Lassiter, 39, of Waynesville, charged with pandering; Theodore J. May, 58, of Brunswick, charged with possession of marijuana; Timothy I. Moore Jr., 23, of Manor, charged with pandering; Alex Morales, 33, of Brunswick, charged with pandering and possession of marijuana; Harris L. Selph, 44, of Waycross, charged with pandering; and Christopher A. Smith, 34, of Waynesville, charged with pandering.
“All of them have posted bond and have been released from jail,” Wright said.
Wright said a single ad was posted on a website where dozens of others were posted and are used to advertise for illicit sex trade both in south Georgia and north Florida. Wright said lawmen had an immediate response from several men who expressed the desire for meeting a woman and for having a “good time.”
A room at a local motel was rented by law enforcement to be used for surveillance in operation of the undercover sting. Wright said all of those who showed up made it clear they were ready to exchange money for sex.
The operation was conducted by the Blackshear Police Department, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and the Blackshear-Pierce County ACE (Accelerated Criminal Enforcement) Unit with assistance from federal officers.